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Nonton film Net I Die (2018) terbaru

Net I Die (2018)

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Net I Die (2018) Net idols that have been celebrated in the past. Have launched their own brand cosmetics. And have gathered the most popular net idol today to be the adverts. To display a dazzling review of their cosmetics. But then the horror story. When the presenter, but everyone and everyone related to cosmetics. Can not find the cause And everyone is killed through the horrific Live video channel, so she has to go out and find the answer. Along with the terrible face This horror movie. It will be told through social media we touch and use every day. It is an important factor in the life that is indispensable. But it is going to die. And the breath of the people who use it. To share the death of the dead The body of a beautiful person .. not as beautiful as you think !.

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